It was a dream of the father of the nation ‘Mahatma Gandhi' to make people self-sufficient through decentralized village industries and, fulfill the needs of the people at Village level by their own involvement.
Kutch economy was based on Agriculture and Animal Husbandry. Kutch people have kept their cultural, traditional and social activity intact in the form of Art and handicrafts.
Agriculture became a hard task for Kutchi people, because of frequent droughts. The Animal Husbandry has also been affected due to scarcity of fodder. Besides Kutch has frequently faced natural calamities. Hence the only option open to the people was to migrate to other parts of India. To tackle this serious situation the concept of V.G.S. was evolved.
It was felt by V.R.T.I. that promotion of traditional Kutch Art and Handicraft can generate employment and stop the migration of artisans and their community. Hence in year 1988 Shri Vivekanand Gramodyog Society came into being as registered society under Public Charitable Trust Act.1950 Reg.No. F/163/(K), and Society Registration Act.860, Reg.No.6/88(Gujarat).
Shri Vivekanand Gramodyog Society
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