Helping villagers in self-sufficiency by providing guidance in self employment, individual skill development through training and providing other help in education and health to prevent migration.

• Batik block and hand print • Vegetable dye print • Dyeing work • Embroidery Work • Stiching work •
• Bandhni batic work • Sharing experience with other organisation • Employment oriented training •
• Women Empowerment (Self Help Group) •

It seems that Batik is 4000 years old art of textile print, Mainly by using wax to resigst the area and using difference types of the dyes, the getuil impression / design lets is the Batik bank is well famous in Indonesia, ShriLanka, and India. V.G.S. have initiated to print by Hand, Called “Vgsbatik” in 1988. There are I entrepreneurs in surrounding area of manner. Who are able to provide employment to 350 people with the capacity of 20,000 Mtr.s / Month.

V.G.S. have also stitching & Garment making unit. Embroidery making women also.

V.G.S. Provide training in various field and works for social upliftment of artisan. E.g. group insurance scheme.

V.G.S. also provide around 250 artisan or moral marketing support and design inputs rather than batiks.

V.G.S. also organise exhibitions cum sale in metros and small cities through out the year.

V.G.S. has provided 114 work shed cum production centre to the effected artisans of village Dhamalka in the 2001 waste earthquake in Kutch



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